Our Digital Change Makers

Florian Lemke

I am Florian Lemke from Germany and I graduated in 2018 from TalTech. I have been working as a Senior Business Analyst for Capgemini Germany at its German headquarter in Berlin. Now I have moved on as a Management IT-Consultant at moysies & partners which focuses especially on public sector digitization. I am advising the German Regional and Federal Government in their long process of digital transformation on a strategic and technical dimension as n IT-project manager. I founded a disruptive Startup in Asia (Hong Kong) right after my graduation. The e-Governance Technologies and Services Program at TalTech provided me with the knowledge and understanding of innovation, technology, public- as well as business administration. It is only because of this varied study program that I am able to benefit from it at every day of my work.
I am still closely connected with my Alma Mater in Tallinn and publish scientific papers together with my former professors. 

Since 2020, I have been holding a teaching position at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, teaching eGovernment in the Administrative Informatics program.
The immense flexibility and possibility for gaining international experience at TalTech’s partner universities has made me become an expert on Asian and European e-government solutions, due to my exchange studies at Beijing Institute of Technology in the Peoples Republic of China. Considering this, I can develop just the best e-solutions for my own country. Estonia has been the best place in the world to study e-government to become one of the future leaders in the e-government field. The diverse and interdisciplinary program has shaped more than just my career. It has shaped my personality and life.

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Tamar Maglakelidze

Earning Master’s Degree in e-Governance Technologies and Services at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has had a strong impact on my personal and professional development. The program has a broad curriculum that covers all major areas of implementing e-Governance services. It combines several elements that make it a compelling choice for students who would like to develop an understanding of Information and Communication Technologies.

I am currently working in the e-Governance field as a Service Development Analyst at Municipal Service Development Agency of Tbilisi City Hall (MSDA). Our agency creates and implements electronic systems customized for municipal activities. Programs that are developed by MSDA are intended for internal organizational activities, citizens, and external users. It can be emphasized that the services MSDA carries out further improve efficiency and make it more accessible and user-friendly for citizens.

Given the fact that Estonia is one of the first countries in the e-Governance field, it has greatly influenced the development of e-Governance in Georgia. The education TalTech provided has had a tremendous impact on my career and has enabled me to better manage projects at my current job. I am proud to be part of the program.

Ievgen Bilyk

TalTech Master programme on e-Governance Technologies and Services equipped me with a modern interdisciplinary background. E-governance is such a field where a specialist needs to draw from various disciplines: IT, law, project management, public administration, and other kinds of social sciences. All these directions were covered by the programme! So, I regularly use this background to overcome different challenges when creating e-governance solutions in Ukraine. But probably the most valuable intake from the Master’s is connections with international experts and students in e-governance that I met in Tallinn.     

Last two years, I worked at Transparency International Ukraine on two projects: monitoring the ProZorro e-procurement system and developing ProZorro.Sale e-sales system. My position was project manager. Currently, I work as a consultant at the Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth in Ukraine on the project of creating a National e-Platform for Schools.