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Next Generation Government Symposium 2022

February 10-11, 2022

This conference brings together stakeholders from academia, government and the private sector in a symposium format to better understand next generation government issues from interdisciplinary perspectives in technology, education, government, and law.

A new international study program Master in Artificial Intelligence for public services (AI4GOV) started this autumn. The program prepares Leaders and Professionals in artificial intelligence by bringing innovative technologies to public services.

MSc e-Governance Technologies and Service

The Master’s programme gives students a broad knowledge of developing a modern state, its transition to e-governance and paperless management. Studies include a wide overview of administrative and legal aspects of e-governance. 

recent Happenings

E-governance in Estonia

Interesting insight about Estonian e-governance: "Balancing Citizen Data Privacy, Security and e-Service Accessibility" by our NGDS research group member, Eric Blake Jackson.

MSc Thesis Defence

Our new 2021 eGov study program graduates!

OSIRIS Silver Mining Event

SILVER MINING EVENT 2021 Time: 02.09.2021 Seniors enabling new business opportunities! We welcomed teams and spectators to the to the Silver Mining event Virtually on Cuutio platform on September 2, 2021. The event was part of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Silver Economy project called OSIRIS.

EIT Digital Summer School

Summer school with 35 participants from various European and Asian countries.