Ingrid Pappel

Assoc.-Prof. Dr., Study Program Manager

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Ingrid Pappel is a faculty member of the School of IT, Vice-Dean for Master’s Studies and the head of the Master’s program e-Governance Technologies and Services at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia. She has more than 20 years of experience in different development projects related to e-governance solutions. She conducts workshops and courses for public sector officials which are related to e-governance development and digital transformation. She has been working as a project manager in several state developments connected to the implementation of digital records management systems, such as Document Exchange Center (DEC) and government portal

Ingrid is also head of the Digi-State Technologies and Architecture research group which addresses complexity related to how governments can satisfy the demands of their citizens in times of need. The research focuses on digital government ecosystems by investigating technologies that support digital transformation. That includes the understanding of architectural needs and the requirements engineering considering enterprise architecture.

Research Team


Eric Jackson

Early Stage Researcher 

Eric Jackson’s research interests are on understanding interoperability in public sector digital transformation and cross-border e-service implementation under the KrattAI initiative

Richard Dreyling

Early Stage Researcher 

Richard's research focuses on the integration of automation and cloud platforms for the use of virtual assistant enabled government services through the KrattAI initiative.

Josephine Adhiambo Lusi

Early Stage Researcher

Josephine's research interest is on the use of GovStack solutions to achieve government service digitalization


Alena Labanava

Early Stage Researcher 

Alena's research focuses on the use of GovTech for achieving the sustainable development goals


Teona Gelashvili

Early Stage Researcher

Teona’s research interests are acceptance and trust in technology. Her current research focuses on the readiness of modern citizens to adopt virtual-assistant-enabled government services.

Regina Erlenheim

Head of Doctoral programme at the School of IT and Lecturer

Regina's research interests are public service design and implementation and the development of entrepreneurial talent among academia

Mihkel Lauk

Early Stage Researcher

Josephine's research interest is on the use of GovStack solutions to achieve government service digitalization

Study and project

Aivi Remmelg

Assistant to the Program Manager

Anastasiia Dudko

Study Programme Coordinator and Student Advisor


Pirjo-Andra Põõsaste

Project Coordinator and Research Group Assistant


Erik Kangilaski

Software Developer


Taivo Kangilaski

System Architect and Lecturer