who are we?

Research Group members: Ingrid Pappel - Head of the Research Group Eric Jackson - Junior Researcher Richard Dreyling - Junior Researcher Teona Gelashvili - Junior Researcher

The Next Gen Digital State (NGDS) research group addresses the technological complexities of how governments can satisfy the current and future needs of their citizens. We focus on digital government ecosystems by investigating technologies that support digital transformation, innovation and implementation. Our research group collaborates with Estonian and international public sector agencies, ministries, and departments for developing next-generation government-technology through cutting edge research topics focused on artificial intelligence architecture, requirements engineering, data analytics, and understanding the socio-economic effects of technological implementation. We strive to be on the forefront of public sector innovation research!

Head of the Research Group: Ingrid Pappel

Research Group Members: Eric Jackson, Richard Dreyling, Teona Gelashvili, Alena Labanava, Regina Erlenheim

our vision

Our vision is to positively impact and transform the next generation of global digital-governance ecosystems

our mission

Provide cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that focuses on the practical and theoretical, enabling the successful implementation of digital government solutions and policy

Our expertise:

  • The human and technological aspects of next generation digital transformation

  • The implementation of Artificial Intelligence, novel architectures and data strategies

  • Analysis of existing business processes and the migration toward new methods of conducting business

WHich problems can we solve?

The research group investigates problems facing the implementation and development of next generation digital technologies as they apply to public and private sectors.

We can answer questions such as:

  • How can AI help revolutionize government services?
  • How can new architectures enable innovative methods for secure data exchange?
  •  How can you ensure your government´s technology infrastructure is ready to implement these technologies?
  • How can you ensure your data can be used in these processes?


how can we help you?

Cross Border Data Exchange

Our experts research the newest architectures and ways to securely exchange data using novel micro-services and event-driven architecture

Artificial Intelligence

This research group analyzes and investigates the use of AI inside of government as well as specifically in the enablement  service provision using virtual assistants

Human Element

Our experts investigate whether consumer populations within the citizenry are willing and able to adopt these novel technologies in relation to service implementation


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