The programme gives students broad knowledge on developing a modern digital state, its transition to seamless fully digitalized services and necessary building blocks on e-society.  Teaching is conducted in English and studies are free of charge for Estonian and EU citizens.

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Why should you join us?

  • The programme has been listed as one of the priority Master´s level study programs in Estonia
  • Lecturers are experienced practitioners from the public and the private sector
  • Tight cooperation with Estonian ministries and private companies has resulted in the development of different challenging research topics
  • Our students possess a variety of skills in different fields such as: law, IT, public administration, economics and other, which makes studying process even more exciting
  • These are the best domain experts and practitioners
    sharing knowledge with our students


    Arvo Ott

    Director of e-Governance Academy


    Katrin Nyman-Metcalf

    International consultant, expert in legal aspects of e-governance and ICT, space law, cyberspace law. Adjunct Professor


    Mihkel Lauk

    eGovernance and Digital Transformation Expert


    Kristo Vaher

    Estonian Government CTO

    Heiko Vainsalu

    Interoperability Governance expert of e-Governance Academy


    Ott Velsberg

    Estonian Government CDO

    1236_20161209 Õige

    Sille Arikas

    Cyber security expert of Clarified Security

    Koit Saarevet

    Koit Saarevet

    Project Manager at the Digital Archives of the National Archives

    Andres Lilleste

    Andres Lilleste

    Regional Coordinator of the Unifiedpost Group


    Karin Oolu

    Document Management specialist of The Estonian Academy of Arts


    Ievgen from Ukraine

    Project Manager, Consultant

    “E-governance is a field where a specialist needs to draw from various disciplines: IT, law, project management, PA. All these directions were covered by the program!”

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    Tamar from Georgia

    Service Development Analyst

    “The education TalTech provided has had a tremendous impact on my career and has enabled me to better manage projects at my current job. I am proud to be part of the program.”

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    Florian from Germany

    Digital Transformation Advisor

    “The possibility of gaining international experience at TalTech’s partner university has made me become an expert on Asian and European e-government solutions.”

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    Anastasiia Dudko

    student counselor

    For inquiries in English

    Aivi Remmelg

    assistant to the program manager

    For inquiries in Estonian

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