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Admission 2019

Thank you for your interest in E-governance Technologies and Services program! 

In case you are the future student then the website gives you a brief overview of the program, student life in TalTechDigital and also about Estonia and its capital. For the current students the web page should add some profitable value regarding their studies.


In case you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time convenient to you. Simply send your e-mail at anastasiia.dudko@taltech.ee


Kind Regards,


     Ingrid Pappel.jpeg Dirk Draheim small size
      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ingrid Pappel

      Manager of the program and eState laboratory

Prof. Dr. Dirk Draheim

Professor in Information Society Technologies



Reasons you should join us!


  • The programme has been listed as one of the priority Master´s level study programs in Estonia.
  • Lecturers are experienced practitioners from public and private sectors.
  • Tight cooperation between Estonian Ministries and private companies has resulted in development of different challenging research topics.
  • Students have diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Such countries are represented as: Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, US, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. See the list of students enrolled to program.
  • Our students possess a variety of skills in different fields such as: law, IT, public administration, economics and other, which makes studying process even more exciting.