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Intership abroad

Internship abroad

Students can do a placement between 2 and 6 months, on special occasion 2-12 months, if coordinated with the faculty. Host organizations for student placements may be enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organizations including higher education institutions in one of the 31 participating European countries.

  •  First group of countries (600 €/month): Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, England
  • Second group of countries (550 €/month): Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Creek, Island, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey
  •  Third group of countries (500 €/month): Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Macedonia


Excluded are European Union institutions, organizations managing EU programs (in order to avoid possible conflict of interests and / or double funding) and national diplomatic representations (embassies etc.) of the country of the student.


Students may be awarded an ERASMUS grant to help cover the travel and subsistence costs (including insurance costs) incurred in connection with their placement period abroad. Students may get a financial contribution or a contribution in kind by the host enterprise/organization.


See information on specific arrangements in the case of special needs.


Step-by-step instruction

  • As soon as you have found the place for your internship you should fill in the form „Terms of the Placement agreement“ and go to your Dean’s Office/Academic Office to consult the possibilities of the ECTS transference.
  • Dean’s Office/Academic Office will check the fulfillment of your study program and will send you to the Study program manager (if the placement module is fulfilled) or to the placement curator (if the placement module is not fulfilled). Either of them will sign the form.
  • Take the signed form to your Erasmus coordinator at your faculty/college who will sign it and then you have to take the signed form back to the Dean’s Office/Academic Office. Coordinator will make a copy of this form to keep.
  • After the placement you have to present the following documents to the placement coordinator at International Relations Office: Letter of Confirmation, Evaluation form and Report which are signed by the host.
  • You should bring the copy of the Letter of Confirmation to your Dean’s Office/Academic Office.


Please fill in the following documents


Before the placement:


After the placement you need to fill in the following documents: 


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Contact for internship abroad


Ms. Kerli Roosimaa

International Student Mobility Coordinator

International Relations Office

Tallinn University of Technology

Phone: +372 620 3549

E-mail: kerli.roosimaa@ttu.ee