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Internships shall comprise practical work in order to acquire work experience under a supervisor’s supervision in a work environment. An internship is not a subject to declaration in the semester’s individual study plan. For assessment of internship (practical placement) a student should submit to the internship coordinator an application in ois (Applications/submission of application/acceptance of practice), officially signed document from the work place and a report on the internship. The assessment of internship takes place in form of discussion with supervisor, the specific requirements are set by departments.





 How to pass the practice?


  • Do your practice and fill out the "Practice Evaluation form" and "Practical Training Report" (above)
  • Submit an application on OIS (under the "applications" in the main menu), add the pre-filled "Practice Evaluation" and "Practical Training Report" to the application. Gather all the documents (incl. OIS application) to a folder/container and sign them, either on paper (then you have to take the documents to the Dean´s office) or digitally. If you submit it digitally please send them to the Program's Manager (Ingrid Pappel; ingrid.pappel@taltech.ee). Also please add a Coordinator´s e-mail to the CC line (aivi.remmelg@taltech.ee). See the step-by-step guide how to submit the practice application
  • Program manager will evaluate them and the decision about the practice will be available in your study plan.


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