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ID-Card and Residence Permit

Applying for Estonian ID-card

Based on EU regulations, international students coming from EU (including EEA and Switzerland) should obtain the right of temporary residence in Estonia. An EU citizen must, within the period of one month from the registration of his/her place of residence, personally contact Citizenship and Migration Bureau to apply for an Estonian ID-card which certifies his/her right of temporary residence in Estonia.
Besides the fact that ID card is one of the mandatory requirements of residing in Estonia, it  gives you certain advantages, for example, it's the only document accepted in Internet. ID-card enables you to get great discount in public transportation, allows you to use Internet banking, purchase monthly e-ticket for public transport, book cinema tickets or use e-library.

Before going to Police and Border Guard Board office to apply for an ID-card you need to:

  • fill in an application form (can be also filled in Citizenship and Migration Bureau)
  • identification document (Passport or other similar document)
  • document to prove the payment of the state fee 
  • color photo 4x5 cm (can be taken also in Citizenship and Migration Bureau, free of charge).

For more information please see the Police and Border Guard office web page.



Temporary Residence Permit


For students, who are not a citizens of the European Union

  • application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand). Instructions for filling in the application form
  • annex 2 to the application form (complete on screen or print out  and fill in by hand);
  • annex 3 to the application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand);
  • annex 4 to the application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand, the confirmation must be valid for 2 months);
  • Curriculum Vitae, unless an applicant is under 15 years of age (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand);
  • applicant’s written justification as to why he/she wishes to settle to study in Estonia;
  • a document which certifies the legal income of the applicant or his/her family members, who ensure his/her subsistence (except if the purpose of studies is participation in voluntary service of a youth project or program acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Science);
  • a language skills certificate issued by the university or institution of professional higher education (except the case of participation in preparatory courses);
  • an identity document;
  • 1 colour photo with measures 40x50 mm;
  • a document certifying the payment of the state fee;
  • an insurance contract;
  • a practical training contract concluded between an educational institution or student organisation and an alien if an alien arrives to the country for participation in practical training;
  • a copy of the voluntary service contract concluded between the applicant and a youth association, if an applicant shall come to the state for voluntary service.


For more information about residence permit see the Police and Border Guard office webpage


Police and Border Guard  Service Points


P. Pinna 4, 13615 Tallinn

Reception hours:
Mon 9.00-18.00
Tue-Fri 9.00-17.00
Information phone: 612 3000

A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, 11316 Tallinn

Reception hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9.00-17.00
Wed 9.00-18.00
Information phone: 612 3000

E-mail: ppa@politsei.ee


Book your time at the office beforehand to avoid ques.

Plan your public transport route to Police and Border Guard office.
Services provided by service points:

  • Application for an Estonian citizen passport
  • Application for Estonian citizenship
  • Application for an alien's passport
  • Application for identification document (ID-card) and residence card
  • Application for digital identification document (digi-ID)
  • Follow-up service of the certificates of identification document (ID-card), residence card and  digital identification document (digi-ID)
  • Application for a seafarer document (seafarer's discharge book and certificate of record of service on ships)
  • Application for residence and work permits
  • Registration of permanent right of residence of a EU citizen
  • Application for right of residence for a family member of EU citizen
  • Registration of absence from Estonia
  • Registration of working in Estonia for a short-term
  • Renewal of period of stay

Additional Information

  • You have an option to take a photo in a photo booth at the PPA service point.
  • Acceptance of state fee in cash and by card payment.
  • Office code 717 (necessary for noting on the application).