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Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn Tech) has dormitories where international students can rent a room.

More information about how the rooms look like, what´s provided, how is the application process organized and what are the prices, you can find from the TUT Student Campus website

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APPLY for a room in dormitory.
Please allow us kindly remind you that the application for a place in student residence is valid 60 days starting from submitting the form. In  case there has neither been an offer made during that time nor the  application has been cancelled, you need to renew your application in  order to maintain your position in the waiting list.


Please keep in mind that Tallinn Tech does not guarantee a place in the dormitory.

If you have booked the room in Tallinn Tech dormitory and have paid the deposit before arrival, then after you arrive, go to the dormitory office to get the key for your room.

In case you arrive when the dormitory administrative office is already closed, you will need to stay temporarily (one night/three nights in case you arrive on Friday afternoon) at Tallinn Tech Academic Hostel.


Tallinn Tech dormitory office bank account
Adress: Raja 4D, Tallinn 12616, Estonia
Bank: SEB Bank
Address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn 15010, Estonia
IBAN: EE 481010220011660018

Private rooms and apartments

Private rooms and apartments are usually found through the Internet or rental agencies operating in Tallinn. Prices depend on the apartment, location and number of rooms.
Prices vary, depending on the location, situation of the apartment,  number of rooms, if it is fully furnished, what facilities are offered  etc.
For renting and apartment or a room in an apartment you need  to pay a deposit, which is 2 or 3 months´ rental price that will be returned after finishing the rental period.

You can find rental offers from following sites:

Tallinn University of Technology students who would like to find private apartment or hostel place see from the Facebook page "Accommodation for international students in Tallinn" . This is created especially for freshmen´s in TUT who don´t  have a place in Tallinn Tech dormitory.Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn Tech) has dormitories where international students can rent a place in a room. Please see from the website - how the rooms look like, what is provided, how is the application process and what is the price.