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BAFF.gifIn today’s competitive global economy, international experience is a valuable addition to any resume. Whether you are pursuing a career in financial services, IT, education, or information and media, you will have the opportunity to broaden your perspective on how to conduct business in the U.S., work closely with a mentor, and network.

The BAFF Professional Internship Program scholarship is all-inclusive, and scholarship recipients receive up to $30,000 for six-month or yearlong internships in the U.S. Live and work in places as diverse as New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, or San Diego!

Ericsson Innovation Awards competition for students

Ericsson has today announced the launch of the sixth annual Innovation Awards, a competition in which university students are given the opportunity to be drivers of fundamental change in society.

The focus this year is on the future of learning. What will be the new learning tools and methodologies? How can we make learning accessible to all? What tools will we need when lifelong learning becomes necessary for everyone? What needs to happen when learning shifts out of the schoolhouse and goes online? Go ahead – challenge yourself.


TUT Student Union scholarship contest

TUT Student Union has announced a scholarship contest. Each scholarship is worth 320€.

Eligible candidates must have completed the first semester of their studies on Bachelor or Master level.

The scholarship will be distributed up to three scholarship recipients.

The period for submitting the scholarship application is from September 22nd to October 21st, at 16:00. The scholarship recipients shall be contacted and the results shall be announced at TUT home page news section. 

ERAF scholarship for Estonian Bachelor and Master´s students

Estonian–Revelia Academic Fund Inc. (ERAF) provides Scholarships in an amount of 1500 USD per grant for Estonian students studying with full load either in Bachelor or Master´s in Estonian university or abroad. All together 21 scholarship will be given out in 2014/2015.

More information in Estonian.

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