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TUT Students 94th Birthday

TUT Culture Club proudly presents:

The biggest party of this semester - TUT Students 94th Birthday!
The conclusion of massive trilogy of parties takes place at the epic underground parking lot!

Every TUT student has two birthdays a year and one of them takes place on the 3rd of October in TUT underground parking lot (between the 2nd and the 3rd dormitory).

This year's main artist is the legendary Estonian rock band TANEL PADAR & THE SUN!

TWO stages and a variety of music for everyone!

Mainstream stage

Alternative music stage

5 € - PREsale (tickets available from 24.09 at TUT Student Union, Pööning, TUT Studenthouse and from 29.09 at GateMe: https://gateme.com/ttuparkla/43166-ttu-tudengkonna-94sunnipaev-tanel-padar-the-sun/ )
7 € - On the spot
On the spot in and out armband:
With presale ticket - 2EUR

Facebook event

Celebrate the biggest student event this year on 3rd of October!