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TUT Student Union scholarship contest

TUT Student Union has announced a scholarship contest. Each scholarship is worth 320€.

Eligible candidates must have completed the first semester of their studies on Bachelor or Master level.

The scholarship will be distributed up to three scholarship recipients on the basis of the following main criteria:

  1. Active participation in student life, outstanding sports performance or prominence in cultural activities.
  2. In awarding the scholarship, the student’s outstanding activity in the development of TUT, broad-mindedness, academic achievement, and good personal characteristics shall be also taken into account.
  3. To apply for the scholarship, a student has to submit the following documents to the Board of the Commission of the Scholarship of the TUT Student Union: 


Topics for essays:

1) "Why I came to the university?"

2) "Student loan - study aid or pocket money?"

3) "How to connect the university and sport"

All documents must be digitally signed and uploaded to HERE!

The period for submitting the scholarship application is from September 22nd to October 21st, at 16:00. The scholarship recipients shall be contacted and the results shall be announced at TUT home page news section.

Source: TUT Student Union


Evelin Vanker (evelin.vanker@ttu.ee)