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Student feedback spring 2014

Dear students,

Many thanks to all who answered to our little feedback questionnaire sent out in the beginning of June 2014! It has given us valuable information about the content and set-up of our curriculum and motivates us a lot to carry on with the development and improvement of the curricula.

Some of the mostly stressed issues will be described shortly below. Nevertheless in case you have more to add for the time being or would like to have detailed information about the questionnaire please do not hesitate to contact me.

Most of the answers expressed general satisfaction with our curriculum (18% were even thrilled! and 64% happy they chose it). 18% claimed the curriculum meets only somewhat their expectations.

One of the main problems according to survey results was the timetable. Many of you are working-students and it is hard to find time to participate in day-time lectures. As our Master’s programme form is full-time study there is not much we can do about it. For the current semester we tried to schedule lectures to afternoons when it was possible (e.g IDU0420, IDU0450). Though, as our aim is to engage more internationally acknowledged practitioners, who are also tightly involved with the development of the sphere locally and globally, there were still many courses that were impossible to reschedule due to the time-constraints of the lecturers (e.g IDU0410, IDU0430).

The other problem survey results revealed was confusion of finding lecture materials. This problem is currently one of the top priorities we try to solve – to make it easily traceable and accessible. Hopefully the curricula´s webpage will give you hints of where and how, but the future plan would be courses/course materials that are accessible online (i.e. Moodle which is well known environment for many of you).

To end with some positive note, the most popular course, in regards of the content and set-up, was Legal Framework of e-Governance (HOE7210; Lecturer: Prof. Mrs. Katrin Merike Nyman-Metcalf), followed by e-Governance: Policies, Strategies and Frameworks (IDU0400; lecturer Mr. Arvo Ott). 

We truly appreciate your feedback (to course set-up, lecture materials, lecturers, rooms, communication, events, study environments … you name it!) and encourage you to give it constantly so that we could develop it all more according to your understanding of a great curricula. Please keep in mind that changes might take time because of variety of reasons, but we do everything possible to keep the program more up to date! Send your e-mails to Karin (karin.oolu@ttu.ee) or Evelin (evelin.vanker@ttu.ee). We are waiting!

Love & Peace!

Karin Oolu (karin.oolu@ttu.ee)