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Get your ÕIS notifications work for you

Dear students,

As we had an unfortunate communication error with the lecture Schedule today we kindly remind you and ask to either check your ÕIS from time to time or forward your ÕIS notifications directly to the e-mail you use on a daily basis. See the step-by-step guidance.

Just so you know that students who have declared the course might also be from other faculties and/or are from Erasmus program. The information that the lecturer sees in ÕIS about students is just the name and his/her student code (no e-mail addresses or other personal data). Therefore ÕIS is the primary channel for the lecturer to communicate with the students directly if not agreed otherwise.

We do understand that the ÕIS can be a grumpy old-lady-like unstable creature getting on your nerves, but for the moment there´s no Katy Perry available.

Evelin Vanker (evelin.vanker@ttu.ee)