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Ericsson Innovation Awards competition for students

The Ericsson Innovation Awards focuses on you, the student, and gives you the opportunity to be a fundamental driver of change. You’ve spent the last few years developing ideas, putting theories to the test and exploring challenges as a pathway to your future career in the Networked Society. Ready for the biggest test yet? By entering the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015, you could show the world what it could learn from you.

In Ericsson's vision of the Networked Society, technology fundamentally transforms the ways we organize our lives, businesses and societies. But only recently has the connectivity and computational power once reserved for industrial applications become intensely personal - embedded not just into our mobile devices and cloud software, but into our everyday expressions, interactions, relationships and desires. The result is an unprecedented capacity for individual empowerment and innovation.

Empowered by technology, students and progressive teachers are catalysts for fundamental change. New skills and the passion for constant learning are becoming increasingly important. A new ecosystem is emerging that is greatly impacting, and in some cases redefining, established systems and institutions.

Ericsson hopes and expects many good ideas about the future of learning from students around the world. The winners will receive a prize 25 000 EUR, with the runners-up receiving 10 000 EUR and 5 000 EUR going to the third-placed team. All semi finalists and finalists will also be given the opportunity to an interview for internship or permanent employment at Ericsson.

The competition is open to team of two to four people, and Ericsson recommends a combination of technology and business students in the team.


The Future of Learning


Can ICT redefine the way we learn in the Networked Society? In this video, renowned experts and educators explain how learning and education are shifting away from a model based on memorization and repetition toward one that focuses on individual needs and self-expression.



Key deadlines


  • October 15-November 26: Phase 1 – team development of innovation idea and team registration.
  • November 26-December 3: Submission week, phase 1. Upload all work in submission tool.
  • November 26-January 5: Open voting and Ericsson evaluation.
  • January 12: Semi-finalists announcement.
  • January 12-February 20: Phase 2 – development of mock-up sketches, etc.
  • February 20-February 26: Submission week, phase 2. Upload all work in submission tool.
  • February 20-March 13: Evaluation period
  • March 16: Finalists announcement.
  • April 15: Award ceremony / final event




Source: Ericsson