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e-State laboratory has finally been pimped!

Curricula´s e-State laboratory in Mektory has been polished and is ready to use! In case you need a place to make your homework or need a room to pass time before lectures this is the place you should be! It is free of charge for you!

  • The room fits up to 25 people. Great minds think alike, right?!
  • You have the access to the room on weekdays from 09:00 – 21:00, Saturdays 09:00 - 18:00.
  • The data projector enables to enlarge your ideas to the wall
  • Big whiteboard and paper board is available to explain your thoughts by drawings
  • Empty walls to allow post-it brainstorms
  • You can work without interference as the room is located on the second floor in Mektory
  • Soon the touch screen TV and loudspeakers will be available for audio-video presentations
  • Some of the books related to e-governance technologies and services will be soon ready to use on site (only)! In case there are books that should be represented, please let us know. Moreover, in case you´d like to contribute to the e-State laboratory´s library by buying/giving books as gifts, let us know so we can cooperate!
  • Other incentives provided by Mektory. See more from the Mektory home page or Facebook.


To use the room for the team-work you need to book it prior to that. Send your request by an e-mail to Evelin.vanker@ttu.ee and shortly describe your goal. Should you simply like to use the room for shorter time preior to read or do your homework just ask from the administration ladies in the first floor at the entrance.

NOTE! We kindly ask you to clean after yourself (inlc. the wisdoms from the board) so that others could enjoy the room as well!


The room before the reconstruction ...


and now ...


Let me know if there is something important missing or needs to be changed!


Evelin Vanker (evelin.vanker@ttu.ee)