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Access to Enterprise Architect downloads

A short guide how students can use Enterprise Architect TTU licenses in their own laptop.
While in the TTU network domain, open the web page at: https://download.intra.ttu.ee/

  • Log in using your usual TTU account.
  • In the list of software files, scroll down to the end and download the file named as EA*.zip (where * designates any number of unidentified characters). Unpack the downloaded file.
  • Install Enterprise Architect from the *.msi installation file.
  • To set up license borrowing from the TTU license server, open the command window, use the cd command to activate the directory where the unpacked files are residing. Run the *.bat file.
  • To borrow the license, you have to be within the TTU network domain to launch the Enterprise Architect main program once a month. License will be borrowed for 30 days, after 30 one needs to repeat the last step.

Tarmo Veskioja