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On February 13, 2018 at 10 AM our guest Prof Alexander J. Wulf (SRH Hochschule Berlin – The International Management University, Berlin, Germany)

will give a lecture on "Law, Innovation and Economic Growth" in ICT-315.

During the lecture we will investigate how a stable legal framework allows businesses to create innovations which in turn lead to economic growth.

We will review classical economic innovation theory, the innovation process in Silicon Valley and current research results on law and economic development.

Be sure not to miss it!

Admission campaign 2018 kick off

We are educating future leaders of digital transformation in our society and organizations!

Would you like to become a part of Estonia's e-governance solutions that has grown into Europe’s successful stories of the last decade?

Master´s program in e-Governance Technologies and Services is perfect choice for those who are interested in leading e-revolution.



Guest lecturer dr Frances Slack


We are excited to announce that we will be welcoming a guest lecturer Dr Frances E Slack BA (Hons) from the Sheffield Hallam University to give workshops on Academic Writing.

Dr Slack will give two seminars:

Mon, Oct 9th at 4PM in the room ICT-315 - seminar addressed to 2nd year students

Thu, Oct 12th at 2PM in the room ICT-A1 - Seminar addressed to 1st year students

Read more about Dr Frances Slack from HERE


Come along!


Welcome meeting to new students on Sep 4th at 14.00!

Welcome to all Newcomers of 2017! We wish you the inspiring start and many excitements during your study years!

In order to share the necessary information regarding upcoming study year the IVGM Introduction meeting will takie place on September 4th at 14.00-15.30 in Mektory building, room MEK202 (e-Governance Lab).

We will talk about the study program and introduce our team, also cover topics such as:

  • Scholarship procedures
  • Timetable and schedule
  • Introduction of the courses and other open topics


Hope to see you all!

E-State lab is a partner in "E-GOVERNMENT 2.0 in practice” project

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The “E-GOVERMENT 2.0 in practice” project is being carried out as part of the ERASMUS+ Programme: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. The planned research activities to be conducted during the first stage of the project include creation of a base of knowledge and analysis of key strategic documents and case studies illustrating the ways in which highly effective E-GOVERNMENT 2.0 policies are being implemented in individual countries. The main outcome of the second phase of the project will be designing curricula and educational materials on the area of e-administration.

Project website