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E-GOVERMENT 2.0 in practice


The “E-GOVERMENT 2.0 in practice” project is being carried out as part of the ERASMUS+ Programme: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. The planned research activities to be conducted during the first stage of the project include creation of a base of knowledge and analysis of key strategic documents and case studies illustrating the ways in which highly effective E-GOVERNMENT 2.0 policies are being implemented in individual countries. The main outcome of the second phase of the project will be designing curricula and educational materials on the area of e-administration.


Project website

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Entrepreneurship project


E-Governance Technologies and Services curricula, in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology international master´s programs of Law & Technology and Cyber Security, developed a united course (Entrepreneurship Project; ITE4330, 6ECP) that is focusing on Startups. This is your chance to take all you learned and put it into practice.


During the course you will …

  • Be part of a team with various backgrounds and one goal
  • Safe and supportive environment to test boundaries
  • Given a roadmap for building a successful e-governance project
  • Be advised by Estonian startup industry leaders
  • Build a real e-government service prototype



  • Interactive discussions
  • Real life experience by successful founders
  • Estonian government advisor gives you tested steps for building an e-service
  • Project assessment by those who have valued hundreds of startups
  • Marketing guidance by the best Estonian startup promoters.
  • Behind the door financing and investment advice.

Not to mention practical experience, new connections and everything else that comes with teamwork.


Testimonials from students who attended earlier courses

  • “Experienced lecturers and valuable discussions.”
  • “Real life examples.”
  • “Speakers were top-notch.”
  • “Environment provided support.”
  • “It was one of the interesting lecture in this year for me”
  • “Very practical”
  • “Motivated by this course.”


 See for yourself



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